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information for ordering
The Faces of Zdvishivka
, Ukraine  
by Richard Digia  

The book will be sold through New Life Baptist church in New Wilmington, PA.
The cost is $20 per book and all funds will be divided between the children's home and the village school.

To order: checks should be made out to New Life Baptist Church,
attn: Faces of Ukraine.

Visit the church's website at:
their email address is:

their address is:

New Life Baptist Church
P.O. Box 258
State Route 208
New Wilmington, PA 16142

Phone:  724.946.2816
Fax:      724.946.3626
Email:   Information

It is also available for sale in Ellwood City at Thanks A Latte cafe at
      324 Wampum Ave
 @ Creekside Commons
      Ellwood City PA 16117
      phone: 724-824-2401

Kolya Nikolenko can be reached at:
  Ukraine Children’s Home
  P.O. Box 1612
  Mountain Home, AR 72654-1612



New Castle artist chronicles experience in Ukraine  The Ellwood City Ledger, 07/23/2008 by Louise Carroll, Ledger Correspondent

"In 1986 after the Chernobyl disaster, Zdvishivka was chosen as a Chernobyl relocation village because of its location in the safe zone. Houses were built in a month, and the new residents began to come.

The people from Chernobyl came with only their passports because all of their belongings had to be left behind. They had no household goods, no furniture and no jobs. To rebuild their lives, they were given a house and a small amount of money. Many of them had medical and psychological problems.

Zdvishivka's population of 1,400 doubled overnight and caused economic hardships. The situation deteriorated further after the fall of communism in 1991, causing the communal farm system to collapse. Workers lost their jobs and those who were able to find menial work were paid in manure.

'The economic system and resulting alcoholism destroyed the structure and stability of the family and in turn the community', Richard DiGia said.

'The villagers needed our help, not only economically but spiritually," DiGia said. "They were kind and willing to give all they had for us.'

In 1995, Pastor Koyla Nikolenko became pastor of a new congregation in Zdvishivka. Immediately, a program was started to feed the hungry and abused children, and in 2003, a plot of land was donated next to the church for a home to care for these children.

The New Life Baptist Church in New Wilmington has partnered with the church in Zdvishivka to help the children. Some of the ministries include vacation Bible school, an eyeglass clinic, youth outreach, school outreach and Bibles for graduating students."

excerpted from The Ellwood City Ledger, 07/23/2008, article by Louise Carroll , Ledger Correspondent

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