Science Art One (astronomical)
Science Art Two (botanical)
Science Art Three (The Stuff of Creation)
Science Art Four (Fowler Star Stuff)

Condensed Matter & other states of mind poetry chapbook by Douglas Fowler

These are illustrations for an on-going multi-media project called The Stuff Of Creation; An informal primer on municipal solid waste and its connection to the use of natural resources  written by Doug Fowler.
Excerpt: "From the nuclear fires of creation came the subsidy for our entire material economy.  When you hold metal cans, glass jars, styrofoam cups, and old newspapers, you hold the stuff of creation. Each is made of elements born in the hearts of stars. Even the material of life itself came from the stars. As Carl Sagan observed:'We are made of star stuff.'1"
1Sagan,C. (1973). The cosmic connection. New York: Dell Publishing. p 190.

The following are Doug Fowler's photographs taken as part of this ongoing project: click on the image thumbnails to view a larger version; then use your browser's "back" button to return to this page
star trails on Blue Mountain banded iron formation in Minnesota  wintergreen  
star trails over the Appalachain Trail on the Blue Mountain in Pennsylvania banded iron formation, Ishpeming, Michigan wintergreen (ericacea family) in the Quehanna Wild Area Pennsylvania young homo-sapien feeding on ericacea fruit
    Trees Overhead
view from the Grand Teton Teton Mountains mountains & lake
view from the Grand Teton
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