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Request free use of any completed artwork for your book's cover(s) directly with this form.*
My current artwork (browse work) is available free of charge in exchange for 5 copies of your book.
This is directed primarily to art directors and editors of poetry chapbooks, literary journals, and small presses.
Self-publishing authors should email me to discuss; or use this automated form.

A unique custom-designed cover and/or illustrations may also be commissioned at reasonable rates.

Please list the title of the piece you saw on this website, and the URL (webpage address) it was on, along with the other info about your book.  After we agree on the size of the image I will email you the high-resolution properly formatted jpeg, tiff or psd file for you or your publisher to use.

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*A request for free cover art signifies no obligation between the requestor and Diana Ludwig, Stormbird Studios, or Greenwood Blue Lotus Press.
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