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  Condensed Matter & Other
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  Kristin's Wilderness
by Garrett Conover
  Kids In The Wild
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      Andrea Zug book
The Geography of Lost Houses
by Karen Schubert
ISBN 1-58998-647-4
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  Baiting The Void
by Penelope Scambly Schott
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  Billy Last Crow
by J. P Dancing Bear
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  Lancer, Inc.
by Andrea Zug of Clarington, PA
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Lancer, Inc. South of the Border
by Andrea Zug of Clarington, PA
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we have collected:

Signet Science Library Books

Published by The New American Library, New York

We have 22 of the total of ??? published titles.

Ks 326 The Nature of Living Things, Worth and Enders, ã1955.
P 2265 The Web of Life, John Storer
P 2066 The Wellsprings of Life, Isaac Asimov
P 2083 The Crust of the Earth, Rapport & Wright
P 2144 The Chemicals of Life, Isaac Asimov
P 2218 Satellites, Rockets and Outer Space, Willy Ley
P 2230 Pregnancy and Birth, Alan F. Guttmacher
P 2270 Modern Theories of the Universe, James E. Coleman
T 2430 The Human Body, Isaac Asimov
P 2525 Inside The Nucleus, Irving Adler
T 2582 The Human Brain, Isaac Asimov
P 2603 The Wasted Americans, Edgar May
P 2807 The Great Auk, Allen W. Eckert
T 3224 The Genetic Code, Isaac Asimov
Q 3647 New Handbook of the Heavens, Bernhard, Bennett, Rice
Q 3664 Man in The Web of Life, John Storer
Q 3370 The Double Helix, James D. Watson
Q 3875 Red Giants and White Dwarfs, Robert Jastrow
Q 4208 How to Know the Birds, Roger Tory Peterson
Q 4310 Not So Rich As You Think, George R. Stewart
Q 4623 The Pulse of A Planet, Ivan Tolstoy
Y 7009 The Complete Book of Camping, Heywood Gould
E 7555 Scryptics, Shirl Solomon, ã1977.

New American Library Mentor Books

Published by The New American Library of World Literature, Inc., NY

We have 32 of the total of ??? titles published.

M 43 Science and the Moral Life, Max Otto. ã1949.
M 66 The Meaning of Evolution, George Gaylord Simpson
MD 68 On Understanding Science, James B. Conant
MD 231 The Universe and Dr. Einstein, Lincoln Barnett
M 72 Greek Historical Thought, Arnold J. Toynbee
M 74 Heredity, Race and Society, L.C. Dunn & Theodosius Dobzhansky
Ms 97 One Two Three...Infinity, George Gamow
M 105 The Life of the Spider, John Crompton
MD 120 The Birth and Death of the Sun, George Gamow
MD 138 Biography of the Earth, George Gamow
MD 144 Life on Other Worlds, H. Spencer Jones
M 159 The Painter’s Eye, Maurice Grosser
MD 162 Science and the Modern World, Alfred North Whitehead
MD 200 Frontiers of Astronomy, Fred Hoyle
MD 204 Evolution in Action, Julian Huxley
MD 211 Enjoying Modern Art, Sarah Newmeyer
MD 214 The Creation of the Universe, George Gamow
MP 409 The Nature of the Universe, Fred Hoyle
MP 429 Human Society in Ethics and Politics, Bertrand Russell
MQ 457 Egyptian Wall Paintings
MP 476 The Way of Zen, Alan Watts
MP 197 The Sayings of Confucius
MT 554 Man on His Nature, Sir Charles Sherrington
MT 609 The Theory of the Leisure Class, Thorstein Veblen
MW 819 The Anxious Object, Harold Rosenberg
MY 825 The Concept of the Corporation, Peter F. Drucker
MQ 867 The Affluent Society, John Kenneth Galbraith
MW 1137 To Live On Earth, Sterling Brubaker
MY 1273 Indians of the Americas, John Collier
MW 1508 Man Makes Himself, V. Gordon Childe
MW 1648 The ABC of Relativity, Bertrand Russell
ME 2013 Understanding Physics: Motion, Sound, and Heat, Isaac Asimov, ã1966.

The Science Study Series

Published by Anchor Books, Doubleday & Company, Inc., Garden City, New York.

We have 22 of the total number of ??? volumes published.

S 1 The Neutron Story, Donald Hughes, ã 1959.
S 4 Echoes of Bats and Men, Donald Griffin,
S 5 How Old Is the Earth? Patrick M. Hurley
S 7 Crystals and Crystal Growing, Holden & Singer
S 9 Waves and the Ear, Van Bergeijk, Pierce and David
S 14 The Universe at Large, Hermann Bondi
S 17 Accelerators: Machines of Nuclear Physics, Robert Wilson& Raphael Littauer
S 22 Gravity, George Gamow
S 29 Cloud Physics and Cloud Seeding, Louis J. Battan
S 31 Knowledge and Wonder, Victor F. Weisskopf
S 34 Waves and Beaches, Willard Bascom
S 35 Rutherford and the Nature of the Atom, E. N. da C. Andrade
S 37 Bird Migration, Donald R. Griffin
S 41 A Short History of Chemistry, Isaac Asimov
S 45 Thirty Years That Shook Physics, George Gamow
S 49 Watching for the Wind, James G. Edinger
S 55 The Edge of Space, Richard A. Craig ã 1968.
A 34 The Human Use of Human Beings, Norbert Weiner
A 18 A Short History of Science
A 260 Art and Reality, Joyce Cary
N 31 How to Make a Telescope, Jean Texereau
AMC 1 Chemistry in Action, David H. J. Killeffer ã 1967.

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