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digital paintings and photo manipulation

click image to enlarge

brown peonies photo    
Sepia Peonies
colored sagebrush tiled
Sagebrushes Four
colored grasses repeated
Centralia poster
repeated ginko leaf tiles
Ginkgo Leaves
rainbow bricks
Bricks Quad
stairway mirrored & colored
Stairway Gold
toy wheelbarrow repeated in colors  
Paige's Barrow
fungi colored & repeated
Fungi Colored and Quilted
repeated leaf pattern  
Leaf Quilt
digital color pattern    
Origami Mashed
layers of colored pencils    
Pencil Mash
green digital chainlink desi gn
Green Chainweave
repeated thhistle pattern
Thistle Patch
colored teapots
Teapot Lesson
coloured compass roses
Old Compi
origami quilt design
Origami Quilt
landscape pattern
Spring Twist
wings on coloured bulbs
Wing Bulbs
blue cicada wings
Cicada Wings
gold cicada wings
Golden Wings
microwave tower
Sprint Spring series
Sprint Spring 1
Sprint Spring 2
Sprint Spring 3
Sprint Spring 4
sprint tower
Sprint Spring 5
Sprint Spring 6
Sprint Spring 7
Sprint Spring 8
Sprint Spring 9
Sprint Spring 10
Sprint Spring 11
Sprint Spring 12
Sprint Spring 13
Sprint Spring 14
Sprint Spring 15
Sprint Spring 16
Sprint Spring 17
Sprint Spring 18
Sprint Spring 19
Sprint Spring 20
Sprint Spring 21
Sprint Spring 22


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One or more of these tools were used in the above images: camera, scanner, digital editing program, electronic paintbrush. These works had their germination in a real photo taken by either scanner or camera.

This animation is some frivolity we painted celebrating some new digital paintbrush tips we added to our virtual jar of brushes.s

all images © Diana Ludwig 2411 Belltown Road Clarington, PA 15828   330-530-2659