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Here my visitors may roam rooms of work and ideas in our studio  --  this being where we dump all our half-baked projects, ramblings and other possibly aimless pursuits.
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  plants   art stories, plans, technique  
Newfoundland & Labrador
six week sojourn in this watery, rocky Canadian province traveling by foot, bus, hitching and many boats
Otter Creek
Assateague Island
exploring barrier island off Virginia's shore
Midstate Trail
two week solo thru-hike back-pack of 120 mile trail in Pennsylvania
Circum Penna
1000 mile solo bike-packing circumnavigation of Pennsylvania
Cumberland Island
backpacking Georgia barrier island
Big Bend
Teddy Roosevelt, North Dakota
Grey Islands
the Meadow
prairie restoration of our Ohio backyard
Western wildflowers
Northern wildflowers
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Motorcycle Diary
Mill Revisited
Anne & Ellis
poetry by friends
Toad Hall
notes about life at woodsy studio
Adventure Ninety Eight
notes of an incomplete life
Sand Dollar Christmas List
Chocolate Factory
Crown cabin
10 ft X 12 ft 2-story cabin above Walley Run
Belltown Studio - Toad Hall
building photo album
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hot peppers
cake decorating
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Signet science series
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Volkswagen van
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good folks
Diana's Dumplings
What's Going On In The Back of the Workshop
Circle of Life, Stuff of Stars
Running Wild Upcountry & Not Touching the Ground At All
Ghostdancing Blues In the Pines Before Sunrise
Oh Wondrous Strange Ketchup
Fools and Dogs
Get Out & Get In The Wind
One of These Trains Leaving Tomorrow
Stare With Your Ears
Shadow People and Historic Carrots
I've Always Thought That Heaven Would Be A Kind of Library
Footsteps in the Dark
There Is  A Cave High Above the Clarion River
Betwixt Us Both We Licked the Platter Clean
Why Burn Your Bridges When You Can Nuke the Entire River
The Big Red Chair
We Like Explosions
Strange Days Indeed
House of Bread
Hard Times Come Around My Cabin Door No More
Walk It Down
Star Stuff Behind the Cellar Door
Nagging Doubt
Senses Takers & Spill Kits for A Northern Country
Return of the Rhyme & Reason Gals
Your Soul Needs the Wild
Cutting Wood in The Night Country
Best Possible War
Nailing Jell-O To The Wall
The Greatest Enthusiasm for Coming Undone
Ohio Blue Tip Boy
Onion Snow and Habanera Honey
Shadow People Redux
Eye Protection Required
The Long Loneliness of the Badlands
Canary in a Blue Bog
The Immense Sojourner
Swamp Girl Innocence
Days of A Tin Drifter
Romping in Rooms Full of Olives
Divine Moss Grows Most Peculiar
Bugs in A Bowl of Brueghel
Mystic Crystal Plumbing
Wobbling Ogres At the Dump
Chasing My Tail
The Undiscovered Country
Visions of the Galaxy Tribe
Wires, Mud and Hungry Art
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