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Free cover art!
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and self-publishing
my current work is available free of charge to use for your cover art in exchange for 5 copies of your book.
Or commission a unique cover or illustrations at reasonable rates

books & essays
Condensed Matter and Other States of Mind - A Collection of poems by Douglas A. Fowler .  “Traveling cross-country or in his back yard, Doug Fowler sees lovingly every whisper of life from hard rock to soft flowers, from reliable laws of nature to the randomness of spilled coffee.” T.Saska...
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No War No More -Edited by Arya F. Jenkins  We take a stand for peace with this  collection of poems and art, and featuring an essay by Staughton Lynd...
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WNWG Presents collection of stories by WNWG, a unique writing club based in Youngstown, Ohio, who invite you on an adventure through their oft-twisted mindscape...
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Greenwood/Blue Lotus PressGBLPress, formed in the Mahoning Valley, Ohio, is rooted in a Buddhist, environmentalist and social consciousness...
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WNWG Illustrations - artwork commissioned by Youngstown Writers Group...
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How to use my artwork for free cover art for your book

Request a free high resolution digital file of any of my present artwork you view on my pages
to use for cover art of your book in exchange for 5 copies of your book.
This is directed primarily to art directors and editors of poetry chapbooks, literary journals, and small presses.

Select any completed artwork (click to browse work) for your book's cover(s) by using  this automated form.* Please list the title of the piece you saw on this website, and the URL (webpage address) it was on, along with other info about your book. After we agree on the size and DPI of the image I will email you the high-resolution digital file (a properly formatted jpeg, tiff, png or psd file)  for you (or your publisher) to use in the production of your book.

Self-publishing authors should email me to discuss; or use this automated form.

A unique custom-designed cover and/or illustrations may also be commissioned at reasonable rates.
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How to obtain an estimate for artwork you would like

Request a free estimate for artwork by filling out this automated form.

Describe the image and media with as many details, specifications, or thoughts about the art you have in mind, for instance, photos, similar pieces or links to online examples to indicate style, mood or purpose. The more info provided, the more accurate an estimate we can give. The more details provided the more accurate an estimate I can give. Colours, style, and similar work are helpful. Indicate the type of artwork (such as painting, web graphics, portrait, illustration, digital poster, photo restoration, mural...)

About the artist

"The barely controlled chaos and violence of the nature we live in and the nature we are is the only thing left to put on paper and surfaces for me." Ludwig

The artist has a fine arts degree with an emphasis on drawing along with a minor in art history from Kutztown University.

Her works have have been displayed in East End Gallery and Between The Pages Coffeeshop (both of Appleton WI), at the Apple Butter Fest and the Angels for Animals Holiday Art Show & Sale, and were employed in sets of Victorian Players theatre group.

The drawing Crow was used as the cover for J.P.Dancing Bear’s 2004 book Billy Last Crow. Her painting, Brigg's Barn, was used as the cover of Penelope Schambly's Baiting The Void. Her artwork was used on the cover of, and for the illustrations of Wednesday Night Writers Presents by the WNWG of Youngstown. She also produced the cover of Douglas Fowler's Condensed Matter anad Other States of Mind. The Geology of The National Parks (Harris/Tuttle) and Keystone Trails Association Pennsylvania Hiking Trails Calendar and website have published her photographs.

Spending seventeen years in chocolate factories has given her talents ranging from running a molding line to producing the liquid chocolate to creating fine European truffles by hand. She has circumnavigated the perimeter of the state of Pennsylvania on a solo bike-packing trip, solo-backpacked across the mountains (small ones) of this most favorite state for 2 weeks at a time, assisted in the cave survey of Wind Cave National Park, and performed renovations of planetarium domes.

Ludwig is an artist who is happiest outdoors and a lazy bibliophiliac, who spelunks, rollerbades, picks up red efts, wintergreen berries, ox-eye daisies, x-c skiis, talks to barn owls,  watches birds, foxes, antelopes,  butterflies, toads, praying mantises... snowdrops along the Clarion and bald eagles over, foxgloves down the Belltown way, scrumbles around, planting, drawing, hiking, bogging, botanizing, stargazing, snowshoeing, herbing, looking for bats & salamanders, backpacking and camping. When that's done, she reads, writes, paints & does other mixed media art, takes hours-long cyanotype photos, & plays with cats.

Available Work
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Published covers

These are covers I've contributed to:
book covers
  Billy Last Crow small cover   book cover Douglas A Fowler  
pen-n-ink drawing & layout   charcoal drawing   photo/digital artwork   acrylic painting

acrylic painting, cover design, layout
& production and

23 illustrations
  book layout & production;
cover layout, design &
production and

15 illustrations
Clouds of Lavender

      wave on small book cover
  photograph   photographs   self-published cover

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Previous and current clients

Larry Payne
web graphics design and bookmark
Wednesday Night Writers Group
acrylic painting, cover design, layout
& production and 23 illustrations
Ward-Beecher Planetarium, Youngstown University
1000 mile solo-bike packing circumnagation of Pennsylvania
Holly Winwood
web graphics design and bookmark
Shelton Mathews
web graphics design and bookmark
Victorian Players
web graphics design and bookmark
Larry Payne
web graphics design and bookmark
J. P. Dancing Bear
web graphics design and bookmark
Youngstown State University and the Community Foundation of the Mahoning Valley
web graphics design and bookmark
Donnelly , Sprint and Embarque
web graphics design and bookmark
Joseph Arrowsmith
web graphics design and bookmark
Victoria Pirko
web graphics design and bookmark
Sue Sexton
web graphics design and bookmark
Doug Fowler
web graphics design and bookmark
Rosa Dalbec
web graphics design and bookmark
Carrie Curtin
web graphics design and bookmark
Mrs. Will Fowler
web graphics design and bookmark
Keystone Trails Association
web graphics design and bookmark
Christopher House, Kutztown College
Shelton Mathews
Serendipity Day Care Center

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Free notice of new artwork additions

This will be sent out about every couple months to keep those who wish to be informed of new artworks added to the website.

Use this form to sign up, or send an email from your email program by clicking the button.
Please read our privacy policy here.

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How to order artwork

Thank you for visiting and for your interest in purchasing a piece of my artwork.
go to order blank
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click to go to order blank  (webpage)
or print as MS Word doc (orderform.doc)
or print as plain Text (orderform.txt)
You are ordering directly from the artist. Fill out form and mail with your check or money order to the artist at the following address:(this is also on the form)

Diana Ludwig
H.C. 1 Box 169
USA 15828

Shipping charges apply to continental USA only. For foreign shipments or where shipping & handling charges are not given, please ask the artist.

make check payable to the artist


If for whatever reason your purchase does not please you, please contact me within 14 days of receipt. I will cheerfully refund your money once I receive the artwork in its original condition. You will be responsible for the shipping cost.
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