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Condensed Matter and Other States of Mind - A Collection of poems by Douglas A. Fowler " The average density of the universe is something like 0.0000000000000000000000000001 kilograms per cubic meter (10-28 kg/m3). One cubic meter of granite weighs some 2700 kilograms. This book's density is 550 kg/m3. Your body weighs in at about 1100 kg/m3, a density that is some 10 million trillion trillion times that of the universe. Our condensation from the void would seem to be the exception; not the rule."
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No War No More -Edited by Arya F. Jenkins  "We take a stand for peace, independently and collectively, artistically and politically. In these times it is imperative not to let slip through one's hands the opportunity to say again and again, with whatever means possible, creative and peaceful, that war is wrong, that love is the only path to peace, justice and freedom, and that we will not veer from this path no matter the consequences. This idea fed this project and I hope will feed the minds and hearts of those who share in our efforts by reading this book."
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WNWG Presents "The WNWG is a unique writing club based in Youngstown Ohio. Four authors and friends, each specializing in different genres and styles, have come together to form the Wednesday Night Writing Group. Together, we will take you on a journey into the funny, twisted, macabre and at times surreal realm of our imagination. Join us as we explore the mysterious, the magical, and the utterly absurd as we take you on an adventure through our oft-twisted mindscape."
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The Stuff of Creation - an informal primer on municipal solid waste and its connection to the use of natural resources, this multi-media project is written by Doug Fowler ......
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Natural Anthem - environmental adventures in inalienableness...
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The 1991 Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro Minivan I once owned

223,426 miles, 7 passenger

view photo gallery here

  • Was original owner (and the legendary "little ol lady", having babied it and rarely took it over 61 mph!) I never had reason to take it "off-roading" -- except for the dirt roads that can be seen in some of the photos. Often went on state forest dirt roads for TrailCares (hiking trail maintenance).
  • 4 + L speed Manual transmission, Baulk-synchronized with additional compound Low-speed traction gear
  • water-cooled gasoline engine, 2.1 L fuel-injected engine, digifant engine management system
  • Syncro 4-wheel-drive, ("all wheel drive"), manually-operated locking rear differential (what is this?)
  • 14-inch steel wheels,
  • high ground clearance, skidplates underneath
  • Folding rear bench seat/bed combination *,
  • 2 rear-facing removable seats **,
  • grey cloth interior, rear compartment heater, 18.5 gallon fuel tank.
     spent hundreds of nights outdoors in the van just parked in the driveway!
    ** Seats and bed are easy to fold up & down and/or take in or out-- see photos...
  • Power rack & pinion steering, power front disc/rear drum brakes, independent front suspension, coil springs & telescopic shock absorbers, front & rear, double-jointed drive shafts
maintenance and repair history

Replaced water pump (1994)

Replaced starter (1994)

Replaced belts (1994)

Replaced front brake pads (1995)

Replaced steering rack boots (1996)

Replaced tailpipe (1997)

Replaced cylinder heads, 130,000 miles.  [$1550.00]

Replaced rear brake shoes (linings) (1997)

Replaced exhaust pipe (1997)

Replaced water pipe from pump to thermostat (1998)

Replaced distributor cap and rotor (1998)

Repaired wiring at ignition that shorted out headlamps (1999)

Replaced front brake pads and rotors (12- 1999) 185,586 miles

Replaced inner axel boots on CV joints (12- 1999)

Replaced both steering boots (12- 1999)

Replaced battery (2000)

Replaced water pump (2000)

Replaced right axel (2002)

Replaced rotor and distributor cap & grounds on engine harness (10 – 2002)

Replaced temperature sensor & vacuum lines (11 – 2002)

Replaced fuel filter and hose into fuel tank (12 – 2002)

Cleaned contacts to get horn working again

Replaced 2 exhaust pipes (9 – 2003)

Replaced left front outer CV boot (10 – 2003)

Replaced tailpipe and muffler (1 – 2004)

Replaced sticking throttle cable (1 – 2004)

Replaced valve cover and gasket, 211,650 miles (4 – 2004)

Replaced rear muffler, tailpipe (12 – 2004)

Replaced CV joints (12 – 2004)

Replaced left front axle (7 – 2005)

Replaced rear brake shoes, 214,370 miles.  (7 – 2005)

Replaced catalytic converter (3 – 2007)

Replaced head gasket, oil pressure sending unit and cooling pipes (3 – 2007)

Replaced exhaust system (3 – 2007)

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