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List To Self::: Complete these Ideas:

________1.  First See Dozen PORTFOLIO sugs.

________2.  design for KTA paraphernalia

________3.  something Sue Petersen could use in a  show

________4.  something John & Judy might add to their show

________5.  something the Geology dept. could use (Dr. Ray?)

________6.  set of pen & ink blank greeting cards (5-10 dif. designs) that I pay a print shop to print up a couple sets of and place in a Cook Forest tourist shop

________7.  redo a couple of the Cook Forest area businesses brochures and show them &  try to sell to

________8.  some illustration the 2 parks (cook & clear  creek) might use (program brochure)

________9. some illustration G might want to use in her nature center (program brochure)           

________10. design/layout work (newsletter, flier)

___i for MVAS...

___ii ..for KTA

___iii for Doug's dad's Lodge

___iv for Peace Action

___v for Physics Dept.

___vi for Girard Green Party

___vii for Angels For Animals

___viii for Jim Petuch's theatre group

___ix for Cleveland Soaring Club

________11. illustration of "Drive-Through-Ice-Cream"

________12. wood & paint backyard Prairie Restoration sign (photo of it)(also the paper layouts)

________13. Tolkein fantasy piece to try to sell to Jerry and his ilk at "their conference".

________14. an illustration Sharon might need for one of their shows

________15. illustrations for Measuring The Universe "show"

________16. piece of Measuring The Cave art-diagram

________17. Series of Fifty compass-roses variations

________18. a stationary/letterhead design of a pen & ink scenery.  Print one set up myself. Place in a Cook Forest shop

________19. colour drawing of aluminum with circular pattern

________20. a work using Aluminum Leaf!   

________21. wood/cellulose/trees designs for Doug Paper

________22. finish/redo Amy's recycling/SOC illustrations...charts...

  ___a. title page design

  ___b. Pt. 1 SOC

  ___c. Pt. 2 Squandered Inheritance            

___i trash contents, forests & wood, roads & mall, TV consumerism, campfire,  night sky

  ___d. Pt. 3 future

  ___e. dark future, RCRA, glass & aluminum, green business, coal..., geology & minerals, aluminum, iron & steel                                                           

Also:  ___f. fresh kills-pyramid

  ___g. pie chart of MSW

  ___h. flowchart electric

  ___i. RCRA recs                      

  ___j. changeover energy graph

  ___k. dioxin diagram

  ___l. cellulose diagram

  ___m. lignin diagram


________23. the artistic stars Series started in '94  

________24. the Male-Mail (Pushing The Envelope) Series

________25. What could I make that Joe R would take in barter/exchange for photo services?

________26. ReDo Frank's brochure

_VOID_27. paint the Clarington post office sign       

________28. illustrations Wind Cave could use in a  brochure or exhibit

________29. drawings of Mike Little's tipi Rings

________30. something Alan Bock/Bernard Bromley could print in paper or something they could use in their publications

________31. redo Bromley B & B brochure

________32. something Barb of Tuckamore might want for her brochure

________33. something Burnt Cape might need in their "publications"

________34. Who would have a need for artwork of Newfoundland? Illustrations of scenery or of plants with notes. Of villages.

________35. take photos of bunch of artworks, digitize and put on one of those Find Me An Artist sites to advertise yourself.

________36. plow thru past work refining it, take out loan, get it all mounted, get it shown anywhere-with price tags--and get rid of.

________37. Pick 3 shows--Butler annual invitational?-- and make piece just for each and enter.

________38. Do Jim Petuch & Doug Magical Radio Web Site and print out as nice

________39. example of Simple Inexpensive "Web Designing" I Can Offer.

________40. Xerox MORE lists of addresses in Artists' Markets of houses to send folios of work to

________41. illustration for Ishpemming to use

________42. make drawings of carpentry I've helped on, Doug has done to put in show of? , or to accompany essay in ?

________43. Make up packettes/booklets of  Recycling/Environmental/Outdoor Hobbies designs for people to use (after buying the booklet from me) instead of clip art....but would have to  Sell to whom?

________44. Clarington-pine-sky-winter-river pieces from Feb '01 just for the hell of it. Do some on gessoed board. Some use acrylics like watercolours. Some gouached with black outlines. (see also #138)

________45. a drawing/illustration to send Laura Dellinger to keep on file for future need/use. (1 native Am, 1 recycling, 1 hemp growing, 1 combine all )

________46. designs involving chocolates to show Brookville and Matthews that they might need in future.

________47.  practice slide shows in front of any captive victims you can find

________48.  make some drawings to illustrate Rich Bonnett's stories for his venues that can't use his photos.

________49. assemble portfolio of all black & white  8 x 10 commercial design work

________50. write up proposal to do photo-essay of  Palmers (get R tips on  wording)

________51.  Make a different handbill/ad for each type of artwork/skill (purpose) you have for sale.

________52.  sketches of proposed decks/walkways/tree houses at 2 places to illustrate...essay....of very small houses...?

________53.   do journal from trips up as Series of artwork as diagramed:--            -with colour artwork, re-copied field notes, hand "copy" of original b   &   w sketch, and hand- copied map of the particular location---as whole piece.

________54.  Is there anything Brian's writing that needs a design or ?  Something new we could work on & get published?   Bart ?  Bugs ?  Canopy walkway designs illustrations?

________55.  drawings of sextant for ??

________56.  bear illustrations for John "Bear" Nichols story books

________57.   illustrations for Anne's Dragon Story

________58.   illustrations for Deep Time (?) show (Casper-Sue)

________59.   piece of art/diagram of Measuring The Landscape/Trip/What Is A Vacation/Geology/McPhee-I-80 thing.

________60.  piece about Driving I-80/PA so much: nice parts-bad parts..words, signs, watercolour/coloured pencil vignettes.

________61.  pen and ink Aladdin Lamp parts that you need to send that guy

________62.  Erecacia on scratchboard

________63.  spiral galaxy model on scratchboard or ?

________64.  inked and colored illustration to illustrate story for Country Traveler magazine.

________65.  Xmas card line using black white red & green compass roses

A.  Series of  probably cards of holiday compasses--   colors & doodads or             patterned inside triangles Halloween-pentagrams, orange & black//   Xmas-stars-trees-red & green////easter eggs-spring, cross//SPRING-greens, shamrocks

________66.  Mr. Simon's painting of literature

________67. auto collographs prints

________68.  mural for Masonic Temple office or room

________69.  make a nice KTA Calendar for Sale handbill

________70.  illustrate Jean Aaron guide or other thing she writes

________71.  illustrate one of Jim & Ginny Owens things they write

________72.  KNOTS and How To Get Involved TETRAHEDRON hope POSTER maybe Celtic?

________73.  glass jars illustrations

________74.  salsa jars thank you card for Sue Petersen

________75.  bauxite ore illustration               

________76.  fossil plant illustration

________77.  the C-Ton hot pepper sauce line-up and Expand On It. Take photos on sienna needles& green mosses.

________78.  Try some portraits of peoples "fine" homes, pets, children, possessions...

________79.  the Gateway Lodge xmas lights WITH murder WITH C-Ton under construction WITH in the pines "black girl where did you sleep"  SAFE/UNSAFE

________80.   after ID-ing all flower slides and weeding them on giant slide sorter start doing a series in one media, one size.

________81.   stenciling job for Anne's room

________82.   Make more slides Ann Harris can put in the new products?

________83.   the illustrated Story Art-Map design plan

  ___a. of herb garden.

  ___b. of Crown property

  ___c. of Rehrersburg property-church-swamps-fields-woods-graveyards

  ___d. of the C-Ton mountain as you started with blown-up topos, rocks, trails, cave, flowers, gas wells, atvs, ski ers

  ___e. of Assateague Island w/ critters, beach movement, plants, sea life,

  ___f. of Newfoundland

  ___g. of Quehanna

________84.  the Quehanna Project--slowly build up for future Big Celebration Thing--a slim guide?--a combo vignette watercolour/coloured pencil photo--science, nature  guide--tales?

________85.   Start DOING up all THOSE hiking slides with inked watercolour/coloured pencil

________86.   further the Amish/Mennonite B & W mysticism mixed graphite on gessoes

________87.   giant Compass Rose with scenes inside its triangles--maybe astronomy--sailing--Arctic explorer-Labrador explorer   What used in for.

________88.  Assemble portfolio of things to talk about with James Carroll or one of the guests

________89.  drawings of students learning physics

________90.   drawings of students Learning on Vacation (Wind Canyon), backpacking etc.

________91.    something derived from spirograph things somehow--maybe VERY Large

________92.   the Newfoundland-travel-themed maybe 3-D  piece (laid out in clip art already)

________93.   balsa wood blocks or ? blocks, building blocks of elements---heavy matboard that could print on and score and fold?  Could hand-paint first set sample only.

  1. make some of the balsa samples
  2. Make some of the colorfoam sheets
  3. Make some of the coloured foamcore

________94.   Illustrations of Lundgren cabin or painting or pen & ink for brochure---any of these to promote the cabin to BMECC members...??

________95.   illustration for my S.U.V. info sheet(s)

________96.   the series of 14" x 10 1/2" self-promo publicity ad/fact sheet/mini-poster to insert in my stand-alone plexiglass holder to be used at all public things.  One or 2 could also be made for Doug's                     presentations also.

________97.  drawings or ? for Stellar Regions-from photos?

________98. handbill for Measuring Your World Utilities workshop

________99. digitize colour & B & W negatives (print film) that I shot in art school.

________100. work with Jack Carlton to put up Youngstown mural/Butler project

________101. clock with Hour of Cake, the Bitching Hour, etc.

________102. draw carbide lamp

________103. one on scratchboard

________104. draw/coloured pencil old Ohio oil can

________105. chickadee on books-writing area, subject

________106. card of jim pusch coming to village of Shove.

________107. vision of light above the medicine chest surrounded by marquee bulbed arrows pointing to bottles of pills & razors as "Heaven!" "Here, This Way!"

________108. draw orange plastic Super Car before selling.

________109. big drawing of coins, prettiest coins like big cent or Liberty striding or ?

________110. something using anime/manga/henta style Japanese colour, lines

________111. diagram or piece based on caving maps of cave of the Psyche

________112. drawing of stack of , or arrangement (fanned out?) of Science Library paperbacks to accompany essay about them

________113. illustrate Grateful Dead song (doug pick or 1 of the 2 I am familiar with

________114. some frakture piece (a certificate or card)

________115. feltboard shapes on felt board for teaching physics

________116. John Deere piece for brother ... beyond realism, do art deco or expressionist or repeated pattern

________117. redo Rock Cycle nice

________118. Something using Newfie envelopes & stamps received: --drawing, watercolour, colored pencil,  w/ 1 or 2 other Newfie items: rock, spruce of grouping of---scanned & used to make piece

________119. The Scenic Vista view of looking up at the trees making circle

________120. Greeting card (or piece) w/ bear, pines & comet +/or stars

________121. Illustrations for johns woodpecker story

________122. Fun-type, colorful cards or picture w/ coloured pencil of hot peppers in 2 photos picked on farm.(mixed media, gouache. watercolour, cray-pas).

________123. Something from photos of decorated xmas envelopes on barn

________124. Draw telescopes or at least the comet catcher

________125. New starburst pencil technique: C-Ton house

  ___a. cave lamp w/ map w/ bit o' cave

  ___b. Quehannna--pick a slide

  ___c. rollercoaster, Idora park slide, johns?

  ___d. coffee pot w/ Rose Is Rose symbols floating

  ___e. fan. pose from photos

_______126. acrylic painting of young man on mossy path inviting this way.  2 or more versions

________127. Paint all scenes described in 1990 Xmas small moments essay.

________128. one version of all small squares--6 to 9 on a page--of the scenes

________129. the new scene for fans w/ willow

________130. do another clearer prismacolour of coffee pot emanating psychedelic rays...

________131. Little Debbie talking (comic balloons) about cosmic brownies & Grateful Dead

________132. white contact roll cut into shapes & put on neon board

________133. finish squash shell w/ telescope rubbing in center

________134. some acrylics as watercolours like I saw in gallery book of guy who died, heavy w/ blackgreens, blues, burnt umbers: (see also #44)

  ___a. view from above bridge from across river

  ___b. the grove of trees

  ___c. deer under trees

  ___d. other slides, river, trees & pond

________135. gouache Newfie scene w/ black outlines, and Newfie flower too. Try one on gessoed  paperboard

________136. drawing olde toyes to be sold

________137. illustrate a David Byrne song(s)

________138. Finish the 2 or 3 stretched paper on frames acrylics started for classmates couples

________139. engrave burn rub the gourd shells--see  craft hints paper, browns. oils.

________140. tissue paper rose "windows" designs

________141. water-soluble oil pastels on plexiglass for monotypes

________142. lots of self-portraits

________143. illustrate a Bruce Springsteen song esp. Youngstown

________144. color illustration of rollerblades

________145. piece, greeting cards, of  the 5 or less, teddy bears

________146. pieces of monochromatic greys (blues) of set of photos from Doug's winter trip in college in mountains

________147. try some marbling again

________148. scissors etc. stark Jim Dine nasty color but graphites on gessoed paperboard

________149. illustration of all-purpose Magic Machine that has large clock display, 4 different alarms, web-connection with 2 screens, separate word processor , cd player, video player, phone on separate line, electronic phone no. book, coffee maker with alarm, FM radio on swivel on top of machine,AM radio (C  Crane) on swivel on long arm with ear phones and auto recorder

________150. piece dealing with laser images & physics for J J Carroll

________151. wrapper  designs for Mathews

________152. promo sign for shows for Mathews

________153. sheltie dog logo for Mathews

________154. basic equinox/solstice invitational for friends colleagues neighbors to be altered date-wise-maybe 4 pictures (each season) for the bonfire parties

________155. make a couple xmas or other "season" or  purpose, small ornaments using miniature props from craft store and constructed thing from the colorfoam

________156. do a colour separation of 3 different files; alter one colour-make blurry-assemble all 3 again. Should show halo. (a JB suggestion..)

________157. use plaster gelatin gummy molds to use as plasticine push molds. Mold some brown to show examples of what I can make his chocolates samples, display

________158. think up a window display for Matthews 2 windows. Lit at nite, need to build shelf, have draped stands

________159. get etching plates from C-Ton & run some through someone's press. Or YSU or Clarion U.

________160. construct beautiful tiny intriguing books of art & words to sell. Must be beautiful to hold & display.    B.  make plain one first just to get one done; still should be cool

________161. try printing out a set of postcards using scans of your large pieces; scans of envelope art; good photos, maybe series of Doug's photos he likes. Try printing on all kinds of heavier art & card  stock

________162. try printing on all kinds of strange papers, onion skin, etc. mount or collage it

________163. use those leather scraps to make a show-piece type "sketch book" that would be on a stand atmy exhibits & be pawed through tons of times (use wood, etc. see notebook)

________164. do some bubble printing prints

________165. do some hammered prints

________166. make a sun-PEBO print on cotton cloth, mount on a board & embellish w/ plasticine, words,    gesso w/ metallics burnishing, bits of metallic leaf

________167. make 2 critter themed pieces for each of the critter-themed cafĂ©'s: one 3-D and one painting.   There's Polly's parrots, Queens Bees, Judy's cows.     Foxleys doesn't like foxes? Peggys.?

________168. make simple design on a bracket fungi using thick outline then lighter marking inside shape

________169. do some nature printing on good soft paper (dry press & ink)                             

________170.  try fading something & doing a cyanotype from it

________171. make a small box or container out of a translucent plasticine. Stick to lid a detailed leaf or  flower in white or something (like old  celluloid boxes)

________172. make some millefloirie slices or ? beads from plasticine to stick onto gessoed work, paintings etc.

________173. make some plasticine bas relief that get rubbed & wiped w/ colors, mettallics, darks

________174. paint pine trees or something tourists will buy on the wooden plaques & paper board boxes you  got.  Can use wood oil pencils to. Maybe other things. Need to acrylic varnish

________175. do a foursome of pieces w/ those 4 chunky square cupboard doors.  Do we want to "stick   something" in those grooves. natural stuff, like Jody Pinto's straw,  rocks.angels, family   women, death

________176.  finish 2 or 3 cicada pieces

________177. make lots more manual slides, series; finish the cicada wings ones-one of them a 4 x 5  transparency to be scanned.   They're only digitally printed now; maybe Doug would have use  in a show. A certain type.   Do some black & white ones

________178. DESIGN and make LOOONG piece using the long black paper film-backings

________179. rainbow & other scratchboards of the Bowers' hotpeppers and other colourful subjects like folk   fest tents , Grateful Dead thingees, wildflowers, tropical birds, frogs, toys

________180. painting thing of hills of fields of yellow flowers that I saw in dream (see notebook)

________181. finish the cyano on watercolour paper of 4 of my little art printed Prussian blue.using  charcoal, aluminum "leaf"

________182. try to make something of the "failure" cyano print (now pastelled power lines.)

________183. the "pigeon" pigeons & bats coming out of the carriage house-make tempera-like and dry  brush watercolour

________184. something of the interior of the carriage house with all that aqua ceiling etc, fat yellow poles and  3 Subarus

________185. the Peninsula Park litehouse if have photo of it, bats, great horned owl, spiders, cliff see notes

________186. gouache, whatever w/ black outlines  of Sturgeon Bay litehouse --RED & Blue

________187. another "Star Thrower", Land Swell, out of clear green water plus surf pounding, w/ cedars & rain & eroded cliffs

________188. one of the cave high! up in the high! cliffs at Peninsula park

________189. use heat-able moldable coloured flexi-sheets in some bas relief piece w/ graphite, pastels. cloth. collaged images

________190. mount on boards or masonite the prints I took from the fish And Finish them.

________191. the House, The House (621) piece on illustration board, w/ washes, graphites or blacker or  outlines, details  or ink or coloured ink

________192. the half shiny black half pebbly white w/ neon surveyor tape Thing Started

________193. the triple stripped b + w + grey w/ frottaging and dried queen Anne's lace

________194. finish death's door piece using zebra mussel shells, etc.

________195.  Do a second one - like those fotos!-- Incorporate map?????

________196. the birds mulberry tree w/ carriage house roof and parking lot. Maybe and orange house that  peeks between the 2 houses

________197. finish buttons paper mill piece on board w/ probably layered washed painting of back of mill,  layers of gesso, gritty, smudgy blacks getting white then back

________198. Buttons II - square board primed already

________199. the second BROTHER sewing machine w/ cloth of many magic colours

________200. the GREEENESS of Heckrodt pools-pastels, c. pencils, acrylic

________201. finish the cottonwood leaf printing on watercolour paper thing

________202. large long piece like tempera or oils, glazes, of wooden camera in the wide flat rocky field w/ bunches of tan grass here & there see sketch, slide  (maybe small figure in brilliant sea blue serape & grey fedora ?, dunno) 

________203. the Cyano Stairs. The weave of wood railings, grid, where Cyanos Are Made, porch, siding of house. The Cyano-Maker.  Prussian blue shades how?

________204. hmmm,..something on Asian mulberry paper ground. or collage lots onto large surface (it's white) and add acrylic, Prussian green, deep violets, tans

________205.   Trains (see sketches + slides + prints)

    ____A. coal cars empty w/ wheat fields

    ____B. little black train bearing down over low bridge over river, bright headlights in the dusk

     ____C.the earth-toned primary colours of blocky cars close, crossing the crossing

________206. Bridges (see sketches + slides + prints)

    ____A. The Night Of The Street Sweeper and all the lights

    ____B. the bridge glowing pink and red in alpenglow w/ other red stuff

    ____C. turtle bridge

    ____D. Which Bridge Is The Highest (the dark things this question means)

    ____E. the overwhelming massive oppressive piers of overhead Skyline bridge at dusk         

________207. Mills (see sketches + slides + prints)

    ____A. those mysterious arched foundation supports, all the arches

    ____B. Here There Be Paper

                                                      Fox River  

           Appleton Papers


            ? Appleton Coated

    ____C. Shimmering Venus floating in the heat waves from the stacks

________208.   the piles of books seen in the garage under the building, through the window, with the river behind (and way off the FRPC stack always always visible) and overhead the cars going down the road

________209.   the River RiverValley  Goin' DOWN To The River

    ____A. now we have it all power lines running all every way ancient utility poles of all conglomerations,

    ____B. we got railroads running, we got fish jumping, there's dams and dam gates and locks and lock keepers and bridge keepers and lock & bridge keeper houses & bridges that rotate and raise up and swing up and roll up.

C. There's hydroelectric plant and foam churning downstream and dead fish lying everywhere's and water pouring under the Fox River Mills apartments and pigeons down there on a ledge at the water and coons all over the stairs in the gloaming and dead crayfish lying on the old bridge piers crumbling bridges rusting iron, bikes under the water. Birds flying everywhich way to beat the band, croaking and squawking and screaming. A gar at my feet; here's a genuine handmade fish spear and there's red fish blue fish one fish two fish   Black fish, blue fish, old fish, new fish.           This one has a little star.          This one has a little car.         Say! What a lot of fish there are!

________210. Make lettering for "No Dumping" for Logan mailbox

    DONE_211.  make disarmament sketches (chemical, nuclear, etc.) -made for No War No More

________212.  make triptych disarmament pieces with drawing & solvent transfers of cyanos

________213.  make No War No More linoleum block logo/letterhead print

__okay!_214.  draw No War No More ink drawings to go with the poems & essays. Also cover.

________215.  draw Plato's antiquities to illustrate book poem of dougs

________216.  Ray Biersdorfers North Country Geology Trip poster

________217.  painting of Large DARKness monster world w/ bodies.

________218.  the narrow horizontal one of highway w/ line of floating art pieces floating over horizon

________219.  backyard of Logan w/ green meadow & trees & insets of brown/&/or grey cyanos or vice versa-focus on trees

________220.  MontGuolphier Mice illustrations of their hot air snowman adventure

________221.  Mark Loomis saw of trout fisherman w/ landscape

________222.  more freezer paper to cloth printing

________223.  frame some cyanos for TAG's Shoppe

________224.  frame a show for Borders

________225.  and for to display at Delphi also

________226.  and also to for display in the law halls

________227.  and for to have Teresa curate at OALeague

________228.  a VERSIAX Carrie designs & layout

________229.  Alida's fruity Dream

________230.  Meadow Redux for Pilot

________231.  math & origami framed

________232.  fold me a poem = origami & poetry

_okay!__233.  hyades & plieades muralettes at YSU planetarium

________234. make a set of playing cards one-a-day, each unique & large & meant to be handled

__okay!__233.  the large cyano-trees of Belltown prussian & gesso piece started

Diana Ludwig 2411 Belltown Road Clarington, PA 15828   330-530-2659