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Condensed Matter and Other States of Mind - A Collection of poems by Douglas A. Fowler .  “Traveling cross-country or in his back yard, Doug Fowler sees lovingly every whisper of life from hard rock to soft flowers, from reliable laws of nature to the randomness of spilled coffee.” T.Saska...
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No War No More -Edited by Arya F. Jenkins  We take a stand for peace with this  collection of poems and art, and featuring an essay by Staughton Lynd...
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WNWG Presents - collection of stories by WNWG, a unique writing club based in Youngstown, Ohio, who invite you on an adventure through their oft-twisted mindscape...
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Greenwood/Blue Lotus Press - GBLPress, formed in the Mahoning Valley, Ohio, is rooted in a Buddhist, environmentalist and social consciousness...
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WNWG Illustrations - artwork commissioned by Youngstown Writers Group...
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"Oh, the things they said!"
Many words of  wisdom were dispensed by professors, students, staff and others at KSC inspiring us during our stint there,...many still ring profound and make us glad we not only heard them but wrote them down...

Art school quotes that made me the artist I am today....pearls of wisdom circa 1978--82.
Things My Teacher Told Me*  
* at a mid-sized southeastern PA college

1. “He chose to do this through artistic impulse or flakiness or whatever…”
2. “What are you guys--? --you all belong to the Mafia people or what?” (referring to silence)
3. “If you have any questions why don’t you break a long tradition and ask them.”
4. “[the idea of ] college may be totally dead and we are still not acknowledging it…”
5. “…or are you going to become part of the laughingstock of Kutztown mythology?”
6. “Dah! I’m looking for the one with the jackass in it…”
7. “Now, to get to the things that will prevent us from getting to the things we want to get to…”
8. “Nobody ever leaves Kutztown.”
9. “…boatloads of hulahoops were dumped in the Atlantic.”
10. “[history:] two thousand years of hot air.”
11. referring to a little girl in a painting; “a little blister, the kind that used to throw kitties down the well and rocks after them but here she’s just so sweet…”
12. “I have a vast disinterest in Modern Art."
13. “I’m very mercenary.”
14. “One assumption that always goes wrong is that our heads will stay the same.’
15. “I can’t read what I said here…”
16. “High Renaissance—that’s the people who wash their cars and mow their lawns.”
17. of a Roccocco piece: “and here Mommy and Daddy stop in the nursery before going out to a party to say ‘hi’ to what’s‘is name ."
18. “Meanwhile academic goes right on, flutter, flutter, flutter…”
19. “It’s a choo-choo.”
20. “If you had your own version of Mickey Mouse, you left.”
21. “The Hand Man would come in.”
22. “Given a book, Madame Pompaduie handed it back saying, ‘Thank you, but I already have one.’”
23. “I wish somebody’d teach me how to fix the light."
24. “Those of you who are really into art should tell Bleckman to remember his extension cord.”
25. “after all it’s a well-known fact that Kandinsky spent a year at Kutztown.” Student: “At your place, right?” “Right, and…”
26. “All these cutsies…”
27. “Now, all art, be it a painting, a bottle of beer, an apple pie or a painting…”
28. “…at least if you have a lead ear like I do…”
29. “Sorry to expose you to that for such a long time but I got caught in a conversation.”
30. “I don’t give modern art the time of day.”
31. “unhhn… lost my glasses again."
32. “According to Alan Kaprow you can think of me as theatre—I can see you as theatre—it’s been a long one-act play.”
33. “Mushy Marshall McCluen”
34. “Is this a work of art or a traffic violation?"
35. “Either the art work is a neurosis, or the neurosis is a work of art.”

“Oops! Did I change the meaning?” JK
“Don’t go through life like a cucumber. Or a cabbage,” JK
“It’s consuming my mind!” AK, fine art prof
“Are you a primitive?” GS
“I hate cows. They’re the ugliest things,” roommate #3
“Auf Wiedesehen!” AF
“Stop trying to paint pretty pictures and think of a reason to paint,” arg
“The Lord works in mysterious ways,” Mrs. Reardon, a mother
“Our final critique will be in the Improper,” MM, fine art prof
“You have every bit as much as everyone else in this godamned world to say things aloud, it’s your God-given right,” TH
“That’s very interesting,” MW, art ed prof
“You read some poetry and you think of some guy up in the attic eating onions,” TQ
“Do you do weddings?” NB
“You need a ladder,” Dr K, art dean
“We don’t deal with reality here,” Pagerly Security guard
“Did you know your heart stops beating when you sneeze?” GS, audio-visual prof
“I have no time to rake leaves—it’s the college’s fault,” JPB, art historian prof
“Watch out for the wolves in the ArtStore,” a December graduate
“At least they’re ‘using’ the books,” CM
“Perfection is the name of the game,” PT
“Do yourself a favor and get some sleep,” JS
“I mean I could go through life and never miss a Swedish meatball-maker…,” JK
“…owned by a little old lady; never barked,” CM,
“Paint what you love, what you know,” AP  librarian
“After four hours of searching I’ve located my lost paycheck,” ME, art ed prof
“Art is not as mysterious as some people think,” ava
“Please leave the ironing cover on. we get hell downstairs.” Polly, housekeeping
“Follow your heart,” AK , fine art prof
“Seconds are in line two,” cafeteria lady#1
“If you can say it better in writing or something else then you shouldn’t be here,” GS
“There’s so much energy going on in that room!” ldm
“Take the Road To Nowhere, then 2 lefts,” lady#2
“You can’t be an artist if you don’t like beer,” arg
“I’m so confused!” a freshman
“Flowers!” AC
“We have to be careful that this doesn’t become Copycat University,” TQ
“Take up colour,” NA
“Stick it anywhere—they’ll never know,” CM
“Just a nod or a little brightness in your eye…thank you,” WB
“I guess I’d look like that, too, if I went through the wash that many times,” roommate #4
“Aren’t you afraid of people who won’t use words?” AT
“Do you like what you’re doing?” ags
“Which way did she go?” psg
“I’ve got this idea for a cartoon: it’s about this mouse with big ears that talks…” ML, graphic arts prof
“Don’t you have window in your Room.If you don’t want them in your window don’t put them here all the time. Or I’ll give them to Mrs. G,” P
“You’ll do anything to feign popularity,” ad
“I’ve never known a painting or drawing to attack someone…” GS
“That’s why I don’t belong to the union,” AK
“ya gonna use it for an art project?” hardware store clerk
“You should read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance,” PS
“Your privacy is a lot larger than you think,” GS
“Out of one pit and into another,” TH
“Come on, people, you’re not responding,” AK, fine art prof
“When you sell my stuff to the Met, we’ll split the profits and all have tans in Bermuda,” adg
“She doesn’t blow her nose enough,” rm#2
“Guten Tag!” AF
“Each of us should ask ourselves what we’re going to use it for,” TQ
“A bat?” psg
“90% of the time our laughter is aimed at someone else’s pain,” WB
“It’s a nice idea but…” DB
“Are you teachable?” JS
“You’re so goddamned feminine,” PL
“Drink beer and read deeply to get rid of ego,” WB
“You oughta go to school in the Netherlands,” AP
“Men have to project,” AT
“Be more succinct,” JPB
“Two eggs, homefries, sausage, orange juice and tea, right?” Mrs.B
“Put a step on it,” AK
“…and sex, right?” TH
“You know, I could write a book. And this book would be thick enough to stun an ox. ‘Cause I can see the future… and it’s a place. About 70 miles east of here. Where it’s lighter,” article
“All art stops at 6 o’clock,” arg
 “Grunt,” lady#2
“I want you to get your money’s worth,” ldm#2
“There’s some more space over here…” DB
“Don’t lose control like me but don’t be so f---ing tight-assed either,” DG
 “Study bodies,” NA
“So you decided to take printmaking, huh?” PT
“Whatever possesses you to do this ‘stuff’?” NA
“Only one!” cafeteria lady #1
“I get a kick out of it…” GS
“You go where time takes you,” ags “Never arm the enemy. If he hits you, don’t hit him back because this arms him. Instead bide your time and at the opportune moment, kill not only him but also all of his relatives and all of his friends,” WB
“Freshmen should go a lot of places,” JK
 “Are you afraid of me?” NA, finrart prof
“You , art dean
 “Pardon me for not exchanging pleasantries…” JPB
“Will you be graduating?” cig
“Do you want meals?” cog
“Don’t f---ing sell yourself to religion,” DG, a friend
“I’m Officer _________ and I have to ask you to leave,” Pagerly security
“Hello,” MW
“Some people tend to go around wearing the fine arts ‘mantle’,” TQ
“That would be in the kitten, puppy, ducky league,” NB
“I don’t know,” L
“What?” L “old elderberry bushes,” TQ
“Want to hear a joke?” Dr. K
“With our profession, my gosh, you read in the bathtub,” TQ
“Phew!” adg “There’s so little that they’re thinking,” TQ
“Take a lap,” PT
“Aren’t you feeling well?” JS
“Make the art so damned good…” TQ
“Heh, heh,” adg
“Alles kommt, alles passiere,” AF
“You oughta have a few beers,” JPB
 “You don’t have to be as crazy as I am about it,” arg


af a freshman Jenny Setzer
AC Alan Chasse
adg December graduate (John Adamson)
AF Andrew Felkay
ags a graduating senior possibly Erin Boran
AK Anna Kuo
AP Annaliese Pruskien
arg a recent graduate (Kermit Oswald)
article article in Artforum (quote of Laurie Andersen)
AT Alfred Thomas
ava a visiting artist (John Cage)
clerk clerk in Deturk’s Hardware store
CM Charles McFadden
DB David Bullock
DB Donald Breter
drop-out (Dana Gross)
Girl #1 check-in girl at registration
Girl #2 check-out girl at registration
GS George W. Sorrells
GS Gerald Schaeffer
JK Jim Kelly
JPB John Purham Banta
JS John Sawyer
K Kern
L Lucy
lady#1 cafeteria lady
lady#2 lady behind counter at Mr. Food’s
ldm #1 life-drawing model #1(Cindy Ross?)
ldm #2 life-drawing model#2 (Mark Koval)
ME Mary Erikson
ML Martin Lemelman
MM Michael Morin
Mrs. B Mrs. Blatt, owner of Kutztown Diner
Mrs. R Mrs. Reardon, a mother
MW Margaret Waibel
NA Nunzio Alagia
NB Nick Bowen
P Polly
PL Paul Laincz
PS Peter Schnore
PS Public Safety
PT Peter Traugott
rm#2 roommate #2
rm#3 roommate #3
rm roommate #4 (Teah)
TH Ted Hickman
TO Ted Olik
TQ Tom Quirk
WB Walter Bleckman

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