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A Contemporary Odyssey --

Literary, critical, and artistic examination of Greek and Roman culture, mankind’s first sweeping tradition of literary and philosophical discourse – a body of myth, history, and critical inquiry that is argumentative, creative, self-critical, and root of the codification of Western Culture.  Translation, Imitation, Explication, Testament, Critique, and Parody.  123 Writers & Artists. The PIG IRON Series, Number 20, Cloth,  ISBN 0-917530-78-0      
Paper,  ISBN 0-917530-35-7

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No War No More -- Edited by Arya F. Jenkins  "We take a stand for peace, independently and collectively, artistically and politically. In these times it is imperative not to let slip through one's hands the opportunity to say again and again, with whatever means possible, creative and peaceful, that war is wrong, that love is the only path to peace, justice and freedom, and that we will not veer from this path no matter the consequences. This idea fed this project and I hope will feed the minds and hearts of those who share in our efforts by reading this book."  ISBN 9781434309839
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WNWG Presents --
 The WNWG is a unique writing club based in Youngstown Ohio. Four authors and friends, each specializing in different genres and styles, have come together to form the Wednesday Night Writing Group. Together, we will take you on a journey into the funny, twisted, macabre and at times surreal realm of our imagination. Join us as we explore the mysterious, the magical, and the utterly absurd as we take you on an adventure through our oft-twisted mindscape.
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Greenwood/Blue Lotus Press -        GBL Press, formed in the Mahoning Valley, Ohio, is rooted in a Buddhist, environmentalist and social consciousness...
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WNWG Illustrations - artwork commissioned by Youngstown Writers Group...
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  Greenwood/Blue Lotus PressFowler CM&OSM chapbook  >excerpts and samples
U.S. 30

"I look on it as part of my job
to keep Caroline Herschel in mind.
Caroline went deep,
as we will tonight in our illicit escape
under a film of interstellar light
slipping down from fifty million years.
A barred owl whoo-aahs
from steep sawtooth pines
and we look back
on the milky galactic dust
caught in your silvered glass"

Condensed Matter
and Other States of Mind

In Western Ohio

 "Summer sundown
green oak islands rise
in the purple orange humidity
of wide cultivated fields.

In the loam between the corn rows
I threw green-white watermelon rinds
and took too much for granted
their red-hearted watery sugar.

I want to push my foot arch
up against your heel, press my nose
over your shoulder, inhale your hair,
and slide my palm over the round
hip cotton of your girlish underwear.

We hear the water-heater percolate.
The furnace flame behind its glass plate
glows blue on the hallway floor.
The cat perambulates the house,
like others hunting in the barns
along Four Mile Creek where
the corn leaves rattle like sabres
in the moon’s liquid wind"

Condensed Matter
and Other States of Mind


"I can even feel kindness
toward the wrappers and cans
thrown down on the road
and blown off to the gravel sides.

I like the weeds on the broken asphalt
of abandoned fabrication, the rusted wrenches
and sea-wrecks of overhead cranes
listing in their steel archeology

I could love all this if only
it came to an end in some
remaining left-alone counterpoint,
some wild ground to its corroded figure.

If I could just walk out of town.
But I can’t even drive fast enough.
It’s too big and the same thing
from somewhere else meets me if I try."

Condensed Matter
and Other States of Mind

Douglas A. Fowler
Hymn and Chorus
to the Sun’s Return

 "I spilled late-night coffee
on a sky-atlas chart

near the stars in southern Pisces
near the northbound
in cup rings
over right ascension’s
turning gimble wheels.

We had a rough and long season
with hard rinds of ice
blue-sheened under a cold moon

leering down
as white as teeth
on all the lies
and our own
hard exteriors grew old and hoary

-and now four stars in Corvus
south over the pines,
four stars for a carrion crow
and the Dipper is poured out
north, the handle’s upward curve
nudging open the east horizon
down toward red Arcturus,

but again
the solar arc plys north
breathing in the first rain-water air
on diminished snow
in icy scabs

sun green
yellow grass."

Douglas Fowler in Condensed Matter
and Other States of Mind

         Condensed Matter & Other States of Mind, poems by Douglas Fowler

cover art by
Diana Ludwig

forward from the book:

     "The average density of the universe is something like 0.0000000000000000000000000001 kilograms per cubic meter (10-28 kg/m3). One cubic meter of granite weighs some 2700 kilograms. This book's density is 550 kg/m3. Your body weighs in at about 1100 kg/m3, a density that is some 10 million trillion trillion times that of the universe. Our condensation from the void would seem to be the exception; not the rule."

Douglas A. Fowler

Published by Finishing Line Press
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  Doug Fowler photo by Teresa Saska at Waffle House

photograph by
Teresa Saska

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Arya-Francesca Jenkins
, Edgewater, New Jersey, Poet and Naturalist Douglas A. Fowler Reading at Barnes and Noble

Leah Maines, author of Beyond the River

Teresa Saska, Columbus-area photographer

Mary Carey, the Daily Hampshire Gazette


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